We are Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist

Nothing looks hotter on a new car than oversized alloy wheels and low-profile tires, the look of a black rubber band around a sleek, highly polished aluminum rim.
Unfortunately, nothing is more vulnerable to the cruelties of the roadway than this combination, which has less protection from the pounding of potholes, road debris and occasional curbs.

 Coolmine Motors Alloy Wheels Repair Service

As you know car wheels are made mostly from aluminium alloy. Your wheel rims, or mags wheels as they are sometimes called, are made from aluminium alloy because it is a very light weight material, but at the same time, these aluminium wheels are as soft as butter, and can be easily damaged.
Aluminium wheel repair is not a simple process - it it depends on the type of wheel you have and the type of damage that has occurred.
However alloy wheel repair service is an excellent choice for economy to save up to 2000K per wheel.
And with a right equipment e.g. Alloy Wheel Straighteners and Welding Machine etc and a right specialist damaged wheel can be fixed with no problem

Here at Coolmine Motors we can repair and bring back to life your heavy damaged and serious structural damaged wheels including Magnesium and Steel wheels. We use special alloy wheel repair equipment to repair and service all types of Alloy Wheels.

Prices start from 40€

Here is the list of conditions we cater:

  1. Buckled Wheel
  2. Cracked Wheel
  3. Dented Wheel
  1. Kerb Damaged Wheel
  2. Split Wheel
  3. Twisted Wheel

If a wheel has been damaged severely, We will not compromise your safety, and we won't repairing what could lead to serious injury.

For Businesses.
Because of our special equipment we also working with other automotive professionals who don't have special range of equipment.
And we always welcome for new cooperations.
If you are a car repair company get in touch, and will see how we can help you.

Have a question? Give us a ring we happy to chat with you. 086 048 8100
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