What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

For any vehicle owner, the distinction between auto maintenance and auto repair is critical to ensuring a long and healthy life for their preferred method of transportation. Both are essential in the smooth operation of a vehicle, but the terms are often confused for one another, which can lead some owners to pay more than they should over time.

Auto maintenance is a broad term that covers regular and preventative actions taken to help keep a car that is running properly stay running. This maintenance can include things such as oil changes, transmission fluids, as well as annual inspections and tire rotations. More information about maintenance you will find in our Maintenance section

Auto repair is what is necessary when a vehicle has a failure of some kind – be it a broken fan belt, failed spark plugs, steering issues or braking problems. In these cases, it is necessary to repair or replace damaged parts in order to make a vehicle road-worthy once again.
By ensuring regular auto maintenance is performed on a vehicle, an owner can lower their need for auto repairs.

Here is Full Repair Service Package we provide

Oil filterChange
Air filter Change
Parking brake Check/Report
Brake line inspection for leaks & damage Check/Report
Brake pads/Shoes Check/Report
Tyre check (depth, condition, pressure) Check/Report
Timing belt Check/Report
Suspension (shocks, struts, springs etc) Check/Report
Exhaust Check/Report
Pre NCT Check and report Included
Washer bottles top up Included
Coolant, brake, dutch & power steering fluid levels top up Included
Headlights focus Included
Bulbs Check/Replace
Spark plugs Change
Pollen filter Change(if needed)
Washer bottles top up Included
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